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The one where I start a blog. Follow me along my graduate school journey as a public history student as I try to navigate school and living in a new city!

  • Media and the Historian

    1st Dec 2019 by

    A couple weeks ago, I taught my students about scholarly vs. popular history/sources. I wanted to gauge how students perceive scholarly history in comparison to popular history. I asked students to participate digitally with Menti an online polling service and type in their answer from their laptop or phone. (As a side note, this is… Read more

  • The Public Impostor

    24th Nov 2019 by

    Tuesday, October 29th, 2019, was a rough day. The whole week of the 28th was rough. As much as I would like to blame my “off-ness” on Mercury being in retrograde, I know it wasn’t it. I have heard people talking about impostor syndrome since school has started and I get it, we all feel… Read more

  • The Construction of a Battle

    17th Nov 2019 by

    You may have heard this story at some point in your life. Whether it was from a parent, a teacher, a textbook, a relative or even the government! It was three years into the Great War, a war that many believe was supposed to have been over by Christmas in 1914. Yet, here they were… Read more

  • Getting Digital (And Stressed!)

    10th Nov 2019 by

    Aside from my first blog post this will probably be the only other blog post where I talk directly about school, my classes and my projects! Mainly, I feel like I have ventured off a little too much in blogging by playing with some bigger historical and academic issues and also I have no other… Read more

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